Supporters and Donors

The Network is reliant on voluntary contributions from members, partner agencies and individuals contributing to the Network and on donations, grants and sponsorship.

Supporters are listed below if they choose and a number of sponsorship packages bring different level of recognition. All commercial donations are transparent. Private donations from individuals may be kept anonymous, but the value of the donation, any specification placed upon it and the country of origin will be included on the site.

OrganisationDate ReceivedValuePurpose
ASHM International Gift Fund Aug 2015AU$5kSponsorship for attendees
Private donation (to ASHM Gift Fund) Jan 2016AU$6kGeneral support for the administration of the Regional Network
Gilead Sciences Oct 2015US$30kGeneral support to the 1st Assembly
US$50kGeneral support to pursue initiatives identified by the 1st Assembly
ViiV Healthcare Dec 2015US$20kSupport for travel scholarships